Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My love of plants and fresh flowers

When i was probably ten years old I asked for a plant stand, some plants, plant tools and a watering can for my birthday. I don't know why. Ever since then I have had a love of plants.

The more difficult the species, the more I want it. Any time I see something unique, I buy it.

When we built our house, I had to have a green house window. I had many bonsai trees that I had collected over the years. After each child my husband would bring me a beautiful bonsai garden instead of flowers. I have had some beautiful ones over the years. For some reason after I put the bonsai trees in their new home, they all died. I may have neglected them a little. I was so busy setting up the house. I was very sad. Some of them I had had a long time. I have since replaced most of them. I have not mastered the pruning part of bonsais yet but I am working on it. You cannot just water a bonsai. You have to soak them in water that goes a little over the top of the container they are in. They also like their foliage to be misted. The water cannot be too cold. They are finicky like that.

My newest love is orchids. I have probably 5 of them right now. They are all in different stages of flowering. This is another finicky plant. It has to have the right light and air circulating around it.They also need orchid food. I find that is how they do the best. I move them around a lot depending on what stage of flowering they are in. This is the kind of plant that when I see one that is beautiful or a color that i don't already have, I have to have it. They are not a very good looking plant when they are not flowering. You have to cut off the shoot after it is done flowering so you are left with a few leaves.

This is the spot I usually put my orchids when they are getting ready to flower. Air circulates around it and it gets sun all afternoon. The light above it is on when the sun goes down so it gets constant light. This particular plant has flowered about 5 times for me. It has two shoots now. It looks like it will have lots of flowers.

I like to think I have a green thumb, but trust me I have killed many plants over the years. It is trial and error. I buy flowers and or a plant every week for myself when I go shopping. I deserve them right? I love to have flowering plants in the house, especially in winter. Plants also help the air quality in your home. They can always dress up a bare spot and add color to your home.

This is a hibiscus plant I had out on my deck all summer. It flowered every day. It has been dormant since I brought it inside.

To my surprise I found this bud. I hope it flowers all winter too.
My favorite flowers I would have to say are tulips. Maybe it is the promise of spring? I don't really know. I like to plant them outdoors too. I live in an area with a  high deer population  I think they like tulips as much as I do. I need to plant more this year. The deer have destroyed them.
I buy cut tulips as soon as I see them in the store. They are usually pretty seasonal here. I have a tip for keeping your tulips from flopping over the next day. Find the shiniest penny you can find and put it in the water. It prolongs the life of your cut flowers. I notice it helps in daffodils too.

                       I bought these yesterday. Had I not used the penny trick they would all be flopped over.

Remember to water your plants once a week. Don't forget to dust the leaves and get rid of dead foliage. Plant food is good probably once a month. You don't want to over do it. Flowers and plants add a bright spot to my life. How about you?


  1. Yup! Pennies are like viagra to tulips! We always tell our customers to add one penny for every 10-12 stems!

    1. I am assuming it is the copper? I used to have a face cream with copper in it. It was the best. They discontinued it unfortunately. I think anything with copper in it helps the skin too.

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